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On average, people spend about 1/3 of their lives asleep. Quality sleep ensures rest for your body and your mind, and has been shown to reduce stress and greatly improve health! If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, you’re more at risk of weight-gain, a weakened immune system, and general feelings of exhaustion.

Your mattress is the most important factor in your sleep experience! A good one should support your body while allowing you the right amount of “give.” It’ll absorb movement so that you aren’t disturbed by your partner’s actions. You should also be safe from allergens and dust mites living inside your bed. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to picking the right mattress, that's why we decided to create this review page for you. It's to help you out to find the best mattress for your sleeping needs. We all know how tough it is not to get a good night's sleep. It ruins your day and schedule for the next day and all that can be avoided if you just pick the right bedroom furniture. So, strap on your seat belts and get ready to get your minds blown by the top products in the market today.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re looking for a new one, so we’ve come up with some recommendations to narrow down your search, and made a list of factors to consider before you start shopping.

​Through our research, we've found that many of the top-rated products do not support all the different needs of people. That is why we went deeper in our search for the perfect mattress for each and every type that most people would need. If you are having trouble sleeping due to a health condition or your position, do not worry! We have you covered in that area. Now, let's get into the the many different ones that we have reviewed on this page. 

First, take a quick look at our current most popular recommendations





Signature Sleep Contour
SureTemp Memory Foam
Brentwood Memory Foam

Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

Brentwood Memory Foam Mattress

Comfort: 5 out of 5

Comfort: 4.5 out of 5

Comfort: 4 out of 5

Style: 5 out of 5

Style: 4 out of 5

Style: 4 out of 5

Value: 4.5 out of 5

Value: 5 out of 5

Value: 4 out of 5

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

5 stars

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

4.5 stars

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

4 stars

15 Year Warranty

20 Year Warranty

25 Year Warranty

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress

Body Type

If you experience back pain while sleeping, memory foam may be the best option. Many consumers have found that they slept pain-free on memory foam, and got much better sleep as a result. That’s because it adapts to your individual body type, and relieves pressure points better than spring models.

​If you’re a heavier person, make sure to check that it is rated for your weight. Even some memory foam models can cave in in places, just like a spring option. Latex models are sturdy, but some do include a base layer of foam. Latex materials are best for heavier people and side sleepers since they’re less prone to develop soft spots and permanent indentations.

​Comfort Zone

​How do you like to sleep? Do you prefer a cool, airy environment or a warm, cozy nest? These are questions you’ll want to ask when deciding on which type to buy. Spring options tend to be the coolest, while memory foam has a reputation for absorbing and building up the heat. That said, many new memory foam models have features added to improve heat distribution. We like gel beads or blends, which help distribute heat better. You can also find foams with open cells, which help air circulate. Make sure to check for these features, though, since they’re not always standard. Are you a side sleeper? If so, you’ll want one with more flexibility regarding weight distribution, which will allow your spine to remain straight as you sleep. Memory foam and latex tend to be the best side options.


While you’ll want to be a thrifty shopper, it’s worth considering that your purchase should be an investment. You want your sleeping setup to last, so paying a bit more up front isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’ll be getting years of dependable service. It’s important to remember; you won’t find quality products for lower-than-internet prices at the bed store. Spring models will be the least expensive, and you’ll find quality options for ~250. Memory foam products on the internet are priced over $300 in most cases, edging towards $1000–they’ll cost more than spring models, but you won’t be breaking the bank for Postur-pedic prices. Latex models tend to be comparable to higher end memory foam. The more latex in a bed, the more you’ll pay. The cheapest latex options usually combine layers of latex with memory foam.​

Mattress Reviews


Spring options tend to wear out and develop sag. We’re all pretty used to that phenomenon. After all, that’s probably why you’re shopping for a new one! Memory foam options last quite a bit longer, but they will eventually develop some soft spots. Thankfully, memory foam models often come with warranties ranging from 20-30 years. That’s a lot longer than spring versions. If you’re making a significant investment with your purchase, check to see that you’re well-insured in a case of problems. Latex products have a reputation for being durable since they’re a more reliable construction. One tip for preserving any top-rated mattress is to change its alignment. Some can be flipped, which is ideal. If you can’t flip yours over, you can still switch ends, so you’re not constantly pressing down the same places.​

Allergy/Health Factors

Traditional spring products don’t usually have any big chemical off-gassing, though some people are sensitive to the mandatory flame retardants in any new bedding. The major allergen concern with spring beds is that they tend to be inhabited by dust mites and other allergens. While many modern models have cover systems to prevent this, it is a problem unique to spring options. Also, the natural materials used in their construction may be aggravating for some.

Synthetic memory foam doesn’t offer much of a home to microbes and dust mites. However, memory foam does off-gas chemical fumes when it’s being unpacked, and many continue to have a chemical odor for a few weeks or more. You’ll have to air your new bed out for a while, and make sure you’ve got plenty of fresh air. Super-sensitive people might want to stay away from memory foam. You’ll also find that the more expensive models have more ecologically sound foam, which reduces emissions. Latex options are more environmentally-friendly than memory foam, remain sturdy for just as long, and have little to no smell. They’re the safest bet for any allergy sufferer, since they prevent microbe growth and have almost no off-gassing (eliminating all the concerns).

Best Mattresses Review (Overall)

Signature Sleep Contour

Signature Sleep Contour

Coil options might seem outdated, but new models are nothing like what you’re used to! This one uses coils that are independently encased. That means that motion is isolated and doesn’t spread throughout the bed when you or your partner move–just like memory foam, but at a lower price and with less gassy smell. The Signature Sleep model’s springs are embedded in a flexible foam core, making it less-susceptible to dust mites and giving it solid, consistent support. Our favorite part of this is it doesn't cost that much, and you’re getting incredible value!

The Signature Sleep Contour is certainly one the "best value mattress" that we have reviewed on our website. ​

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam

​This Sleep Innovations mattress is our best value pick for a reason! At less than a quarter of the price you’d pay for a Sealy Postur-pedic, it has many of the same features. SureTemp memory foam keeps the heat from building up, and the dual layers of memory foam provide your body with support and comfort. Reviews described this as a well-rounded, high-quality product. And it’s American-made with a 20-year warranty! It ticks all our boxes for the best memory foam without breaking the bank! We do think that Sleep Innovations has one of the best mattress value today with its sheer quality and comfort.

Absolutely one of the best mattresses for the money. There is no doubt about that! ​

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam

Brentwood 9" Gel Infused HD Memory Foam

Brentwood 9" Gel Infused HD Memory Foam

​The Brentwood is an excellent choice for people who struggle with the heat. This is half the price of most of the memory foam models we’ve chosen, and it’s dirt-cheap compared with major brands. Brentwood gives you American-made quality foam with a gel surface and airflow channels for the price of a coil version. With an all-natural wool sleep surface and a 25-year warranty, buyers love this!

After reviewing this product thoroughly, we have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best mattress for your money. There is no arguing the comfortability of this bed regardless of your size, weight or preference. You can't go wrong with this model. ​That is why we have included it in our "top mattress reviews" page. 

Our Review of the Best Mattress For Each Category

Memory Foam Mattress

Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze

The New Cool Breeze offers everything you expect from a memory foam product without the common heat problems associated with foam models. It combines a gel bead comfort layer with a patented air-flow system in the core. The result is a firm, supportive product which distributes heat evenly. It’s perfect for people who struggle with heat problems or are used to traditional beds and want to switch to memory foam without too much of an adjustment. Plus, it comes with a 120-day trial period, and it’s backed by a 30-year warranty!

The Dynasty New Cool Breeze has made its name by being the coolest top-rated mattress in the market today hence its name. Temperature should never be a problem again with this cool mattress, even for hot-sleepers. 

Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze

Air Mattress or Aerobed

Sound Asleep Dream Series

This one is designed to have the comfort and feel of a traditional bed, but with the convenience and storage flexibility of an air option! 40 internal air coils work much like a spring system, providing distinct support for the whole body. It’s also made of heavier material than the competition, and can support sleepers of up to 500 lbs! We particularly like that the built-in pump system is faster and quieter than its competitors. While Sound Asleep has pointed out that this product isn’t meant to be a permanent sleeping solution, they say that it’s reasonable to put it through constant use for up to two months. It’s perfect for people who move frequently, as well as being an ideal guest bed.

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air

Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress

This model is one of our favorite hybrid options. It combines a latex surface layer with a foam support base. This means you’ll have much less of the chemical smell that comes from most memory foam and the durability of latex, without the price tag of an all-latex model. The enhanced breathability of latex means that this will stay cool all night. Plus, the adaptive surface provides many of the same therapeutic results as memory foam. Made in the USA, it comes in a variety of levels of firmness, so you can customize the density to your needs. It comes with a ten-year warranty, and customers report that it provides great value at a very low price.

If you are asking yourself "what is the best mattress for the money?" then you shouldn't look any further. The answer is right here; the Ultimate Dreams Latex is absolutely a product that you should have in your house. ​

Ultimate Dreams Latex

For Back Pain

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Memory Foam Mattress

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Memory Foam

Luxurious and deep, with a full 13” of support, this DreamFoam model is our top recommendation for buyers with a history of back pain. It provides a flexible, surface with a thick, sturdy base layer of foam to ensure that your spine and neck remain properly aligned all night long! Buyers raved about the comfort factor, and were also thrilled at how well it absorbed motion. They found they could sleep undisturbed by the movements of their partner. We love the depth of this top-rated mattress, and really appreciate that it balances deep cushion with a nice firm base that doesn’t let your spine sag in the middle.

So, are you looking for the best king-size ​mattress that can help you with your back pains then DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams is your calling. With its advanced technology, you will surely get your good night's sleep. 

For Heavy, Overweight & Larger People

Gramercy Cool Gel Memory Foam with Inner Spring

The Gramercy is our top pick for heavier people. It’s a hybrid product which combines six different layers of memory foams with a spring coil base. The spring coils are individually wrapped to isolate motion and provide even support. Gel foam layers provide breathability, and even customers who said they’ve experienced hot flashes found this bed to be cool and comfortable. In short, it combines the best parts of 3 different materials to make one massively comfortable bed! It’s durable, supportive, and provides plenty of cushion for heavier bodies.We also found that it was an excellent choice for people with back pain or other long-term health issues.

So, what makes the best mattress for heavier people? We'd say comfortability comes first, then the durability of the product comes next. If you have those two, then you are looking in the right place. The Gramercy Cool Gel Memory Foam is one of the best amongst the top-rated mattresses that we have reviewed on our site. ​You can not have a bad sleep on this little bugger.

Gramercy Cool Gel Memory Foam and Inner Spring

Crib Mattress

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib

​Customers love this Amazon best-seller! It’s designed specifically for children, and it features a waterproof outer coating, hypo-allergenic materials, and the GreenGuard Gold certification. Lightweight and tear-resistant materials mean that it’ll last as long as your child sleeps in the crib. It also meets federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 without the use of potentially harmful chemicals!

With this model, your baby will get his/her sleep without disturbing you in the middle of the night. Better sleep for your child and quieter nights for you too! What parent would say "no" to that?

Plus, it’s made in Canada. That’s a sure sign of quality control and stringent regulations on quality materials!

For Side-Sleepers

DreamFoam Bedding 12-in-1 Customizable

This one is unique in that it’s fully adjustable! It’s got three different layers of foam, all of the different densities (firmness). You can rearrange the order to find your best fit! We love that since everyone’s body is slightly different. Side sleepers especially tend to need slightly “softer” beds – something that allows it to contour to you and keep your spine straight. This type of customizable option is perfect for all sorts of different people and allows each individual to sleep differently.The King sizes even come with panels that split down the middle so you and your partner can have various levels of firmness. How cool is that? We also like that this is made in the USA. Previous buyers are raving about the quality.

So, if you are still having trouble sleeping on your side during the night, then getting this model can help you out especially in the long run. ​With state-of-the-art back and spine protection, your miserable nights of sleeping are now over. 

DreamFoam Bedding 12-in-1 Customizable

For Arthritis

DreamFoam Bedding Arctic Dreams

Joint pain and morning stiffness from arthritis can often be aggravated by sleeping on the wrong bed. In our unique guide, we explain all the features to look for in a cushion to alleviate your arthritis, and help you figure out which aggravating characteristics to avoid! One of our favorite affordable mattresses for people with arthritis is this Dreamfoam model

It’s a budget-priced mattress which is much more comfortable than other inexpensive options! The Dreamfoam gives you a full 20” of cushion, with an adaptive memory foam comfort layer and lots of pressure relief for joints. It’s even comfortable for side sleepers with hip and shoulder soreness. We especially like the cooling features in the foam! They cut down on overnight heat, which could otherwise irritate your joint swelling.

dreamfoam bedding for arthritis

For Shoulder Pain

Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze

So many beds are painful for side sleepers to lie on! Some don’t have the proper cushioning for your shoulders and hips, leading to pressure points. Others have too much padding, so your midsection and hips sink into the bed and curve your spine. We’ll help you navigate the options to find products that are compatible with side sleepers! In this unique guide, you’ll find recommendations that give your pressure points the relief they need without compromising your spinal alignment! Oh, and there are cushions for back sleepers with shoulder pain as well!

This Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze model is ideal for folks with shoulder pain. It’s especially good for side sleepers since it’s so deep! This one has a full 3.75” of comfort foams, and that’s not even counting the ventilated support foam and structural foam underneath. That’s adequate pressure relief for your shoulders! We also love how cooly this model sleeps! Side sleepers can often build up heat wells where shoulders and hips sink in, but the Dynasty Mattress disperses heat very well.

gel mattress with gel flow

For Neck Pain

Atlas Gel Plus

Even though your pillow is often the culprit of nighttime neck pain, our special guide explains that your bed can have a big impact, too! We’ve put together a helpful explanation of how bad mattresses can contribute to neck pain, along with tips for finding beds that will resolve symptoms! One of the best we've found for neck issues is the Perfect Cloud.

It’s a light, supportive bed that balances lots of cushioning with gel foams that keep your spine supportive in any position. That’s the key to keeping your neck happy! Necks aside, this is also a fantastic cushion in general. It’s extremely cool to sleep on, and it contours very well to your body. Thanks to 6 inches of comfort foams, even the pickiest side sleepers will find that their spines remain ideally aligned on the Perfect Cloud!

Atlas Gel Plus

For Herniated Disc

Dynasty Matress Grand Cool Breeze

Herniated discs are some of the most painful conditions you can experience in your life. Dealing with them requires all sorts of professional treatment, from physical therapy to spinal manipulation. However, choosing the right mattress can help keep your spine from degrading further, and accelerate your recovery! Our guide explains how, and which beds to buy when you have disc issues!

This ultra-thick Dynasty Mattress is a good place to start! It has 5” of memory comfort foams on the top layer. We love them because they give you individualized pressure relief and weight distribution while supporting your spine in all the right places! It’s also cooled by gel foams and air channels, and it comes with a super-long comfort guarantee. So, you can be absolutely sure it helps with your disc problems before you decide to keep it!

Grand Cool Breeze GEL Memory Foam Mattress

For Scoliosis

Tuft & Needle

Scoliosis curvature is another disorder which will require lots of medical and chiropractic attention. As with disc issues, though, curvature can be worsened with the wrong mattress, and alleviated with the right one! We’ll take you through all the medium-firm and firm sleep surfaces we recommend for folks with scoliosis in our special guide.

The Tuft & Needle is one of the firmest beds you can buy right now, so it’s ideal for scoliosis! The gel-infused comfort foams have a springiness to them which is perfect for supporting your lumbar and thoracic spinal regions. Don’t let the firmness put you off, though–it has plenty of pressure relief and cushioning to keep you comfy as it aligns your spine.

Tuft and Needle Mattress

See More of Our Best Mattresses for Scoliosis Reviews and Recommendations​

For Sciatica Pain

Eco Terra Luxury Latex Mattress

Sciatica can be one of the worst health conditions to sleep through. Nerve pain and numbness from sciatica can stretch all the way from your lower back to your toes, and many beds make that pain worse than it is during the day! We’ve put together a list of beds which help get your spine back to proper alignment to take the stress of the nerve and reduce your pain.

The EcoTerra is a great hybrid design which incorporates the sturdiness of steel coil-wrapped springs and a contouring latex foam comfort layer. It’s an ideal middle ground between support and pressure relief that suits any sleep style. The EcoTerra is one of our favorite beds right now, period. The fact that it’s so good at keeping your spine happy just serves to make it even more appealing to people with sciatica!

Eco Terra Luxury Mattress

Our Final Thoughts

So, if you are still thinking of what the best bed brands are? Then we have other types of materials that you can check out by going to the menu up top. But other than that, let's finish this up. Here's a few more things that we want to share with you before we close this review out.

At the very least – after reading through these reviews, you should now have some idea of the type you’ll be looking for, if not the exact model. You can find more of our helpful lists of the best choices we’ve discovered in each category by clicking through to each of our guides! While it might seem strange to shop for a bed online, pricing is much more competitive, and you’ll find great quality options that you just won’t find in stores. If you want to make sure you’ll be happy, do your research online, then locate the model in a nearby store to test it out before you place your order. Even if you can’t find it near you, most online retailers are very accommodating and will offer a trial period.

So, if you are still looking for more of the best mattresses reviews then you don't have to look further. We have all that you need on our website, from reviews to buying guides to sleeping tips, we have got your back!​

Online Shopping Tips

Watch this video down below if you want to learn more about different shopping tips to help you out on your next purchase. It has a bunch of good bits to help you pick and choose which ones are the best for your condition and liking. There are so many different types of beds these days that there will always be one that will fit you perfectly. So, if you still have doubts of which one to choose, just go through the video down below and we guarantee that you will find a lot of tips when it comes to shopping for your next bedroom furniture. This concludes our review on the top-rated mattresses for each health condition. 

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