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Upon a Mattress
Better sleep. Better life.

Choose the best mattress

Welcome to Upon A Mattress: your source for the best mattress reviews on the market!

Overstating the importance of a good night's sleep is hard. Sleep affects your mental, physical, and emotional health more than any other activity in your life. The way you feel when you wake up in the morning can set the tone for your whole day. If you’re sleeping poorly on a regular basis, you’re setting yourself up for a major life rut!

That’s why it’s so important to have the right mattress. We all have slightly different bodies, with different quirks and issues. We require a different balance between cushion and support to achieve a great night’s sleep without exacerbating any of our ongoing health problems.

Our goal is to help you get to know your body better, by helping you figure out exactly what you need in a new mattress. We hope our guides will show you why it does make a difference whether you’re light, heavy, a side sleeper or back sleeper when you’re shopping for a new bed.

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We started Upon A Mattress because we know that it can be challenging to navigate the online marketplace. There are hundreds of models available and dozens upon dozens of manufacturers. You’ll find all the heavy hitters, like Serta and Sealy, as well as loads of online-only and factory-direct brands. When you see similar mattresses available from $300-$3000, it can be extremely tricky to find out how much of that price difference is quality, and how much is a just brand name inflation.

The worst part is all the different reviews from previous buyers. Two people can sleep on the same mattress, and come away with opposite opinions! That makes it a nightmare to tell which ones are going to serve your needs, and which ones will be a waste of money.

Here’s How We Can Help

  • We’ll get you thinking about the sort of sleeper you are (heavy, side, back, stomach, etc.).
  • We’ll talk you through which types of mattresses work best for each type of person.
  • We’ll explore all the different options, from spring mattresses, to memory foam, to latex and gel materials. We’ve broken down the main differences between each of these types, in terms we can all understand.
  • We’ll help you get a sense of how much each type of mattress should cost, so you know how much to spend without getting ripped off.
  • We’ll show you our top picks for the best mattresses in each category. We’ve narrowed down the field to the best of the best, so you can find your perfect mattress more quickly!
  • In our in-depth reviews, we’ll bring you all the best of what previous buyers are saying about these mattresses. We’ll also take you through the important features and innovations of each model, in real world terms. We’ll compare each of our picks to the rest of the market, so you can see why we think each of our recommendations is the best bet for your new bed.

Our Process

First, we thought about the main kinds of mattress materials, and sleeping styles, to put together guides that are easy to navigate.

We decided to cover the best mattress for each of these categories:

To find the best models in each category, we looked at the best sellers online. We wanted to see which beds were most attractive. Then, we looked at the key features that made each one stand out. We also looked at professional reviews of dozens of leading mattresses on Sleep Like The Dead and other expert sites, to get some hard data on each of these models.

​After lots of research, we came up with three picks in each category. We tried to choose options that suit a variety of preferences, as well as budgets. You’ll find a quick overview of our favorite mattresses in each category at the top of the guides. You can also find an overview of the whole site on our Best Mattresses page!​

We looked for a few key things in every model:









What Makes Our Reviews Different?

​We know that most mattress reviews are subjective. They’re perfect for getting a personal take on a particular model, but they’re not much help when you want an objective measure of comfort, stability, etc. That’s why we’ve combined hard data with some of the most helpful buyer reviews in our analysis. We’ll show you the important specs, help you get a sense of what they mean, and bring you a real buyer’s take on the experience.

We hope Upon A Mattress gives you a head start on your good night’s sleep! We’ll be keeping this site updated regularly, so you can be sure that each of our recommendations is up to speed! Happy shopping!​

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