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Best Mattress for Scoliosis: The Best Beds for a Bad Back

Let us put a common misconception to rest right now: the position you sleep in doesn’t increase or decrease your risk for scoliosis. That said, the bed you sleep on can make a huge difference in the amount of scoliosis pain you experience if you do have a curvature of the spine. Don’t minimize this because you think that having pain is normal: getting a great mattress is such a crucial part of dealing with the effects of this painful disorder.

There’s a sea of mattresses out there, but sometimes choice can feel more like a burden. Worried about finding a mattress that works for you? Don’t be. We have a crack team of researchers on a mission to figure out the best mattresses for scoliosis. We have three models that excel at minimizing the effects of a spinal curvature. Sure, they’re supportive enough to align your spine properly, but they’re also comfortable enough to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Use this page to figure out which of our three winners is right for you. Here are the tools we give to help you make that crucial decision.

  1. Why a good mattress is crucial when living with scoliosis

  2. The best three mattresses on the market for scoliosis sufferers

  3. A guide on what to look for when doing your own research

Why a Good Mattress is so Important for Scoliosis

We’re not telling you anything you don’t know, but if you’re living with scoliosis it can be an every day (and every night) struggle. Scoliosis is a condition where a person’s spine develops abnormally, usually exaggerated or in a sideways direction. There are several variants to it. Your spine might resemble a C-curve or an S-curve with two slight bends. Depending on the severity, scoliosis can range from painful to debilitating. Most scoliosis treatment is about addressing and resolving this abnormal curvature, to get your spine back to its straight open channel.

Here’s the thing, when someone with scoliosis sleeps on their back, they can experience discomfort because of this curvature. This can be exacerbated by a bad mattress. Since the sufferer’s spine is curved forward and sideways, it’s best to have a mattress with a firm response to both support and minimize this curvature.

Similarly, when that person sleeps on their side, an unsupportive mattress can cause gravity to pull on the thoracic region, creating a painful night’s sleep and potentially worsening the condition. That’s why extra support to the torso is so important, even as you look for relief for traditional pressure points at the shoulders and hips. We’ve picked three mattresses that we think excel at dealing with these issues. 

3 Best Mattresses for Scoliosis

Best on a Budget

  • 10" mattress with 2 layers of foam
  • 20 year warranty

Best Seller

  • 10" mattress with T&N Adaptive foam
  • 10 year warranty
  • 11" mattress with natural latex and individually wrapped coils
  • 15 year warranty


Resort Sleep Queen

The Resort Sleep is by far the least expensive mattress that we recommend for those dealing with scoliosis. It’s ideal for people who already have large medical costs to deal with and can’t necessarily make a large investment in a new bed. This is a bed that, for the price, you get a nice, thick mattress with an impressive amount of firmness and support. It’s a good choice for side and back sleepers. Plain and simple: It’s a good way for scoliosis sufferers to save money without skimping on support or comfort.


  • So thick, this mattress doesn’t quit. Size isn’t everything, right? That’s true in life and in the quality of a mattress, but when you have scoliosis, you’ll need a mattress that’s thick enough to have a substantial support base. The Resort Sleep delivers on this. It’s 10” thick and has enough room for a full 7.5” of support foam. That allows you to keep your spine straight and supported all night long.

  • Firm but not too firm. We mentioned the thick support layer, but it’s more than that. Reviewers with many types of pain issues, from scoliosis to sciatica all praised the relief and support they found on the Resort Sleep. That’s thanks to the newest breakthroughs in memory foam material.

  • CertiPur US Certified, for your health. That means it’s free of harmful chemicals and overly smelly flame retardants.

  • A crazy long warranty. This mattress is covered by a 20-year warranty, which is way longer than most other budget mattresses. Resort Sleep hasn’t always had the best rep for customer service, but recently they’ve really stepped their game up. Nicely done, Resort Sleep. Color us impressed.

  • A free pillow. That’s right, you get a free memory foam pillow too. Unlike most freebie’s you find at a garage sale, this is actually quality merchandise. Tons of buyers said they were really impressed by the quality of the pillow -- so much so that they wanted another one!


  • Such a shallow comfort layer. It does have support, but the comfort layer only measures about 2.5”. Just keep that in mind if you’re someone who needs a little more give for your pressure spots on the mattress.

  • Might not be as supportive as you’d like. While this does have pretty huge base support, some buyers didn’t feel like this mattress was supportive enough. It’s definitely the softest of the three we review here. If you know you need lots of support, it’s probably better to spend a little more cash on a Tuft & Needle.

Quality is, uh, uneven. Like lots of other budget mattresses, your mileage may vary. Some buyers found that these mattresses expanded irregularly or unevenly. Others found that the beds developed soft spots after less than a year. That’s usually a sign of bad quality control, not a design flaw. It could also be a problem with mattress care. Regardless, the Resort Sleep just isn’t quite as high-quality as the other mattresses featured here.


Tuft & Needle

Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft & Needle is one of the most popular mattresses in the market in general, not just for sleepers suffering from chronic spinal issues like scoliosis. It’s ideal for relieving those symptoms because it’s quite firm, but it also has a deeper comfort layer than the Resort Sleep.

It’s also made from proprietary foams that have a lot of support and spring-back -- like quality latex, but without the high price or heat. We think it’s a great middle ground for most sleepers, not too expensive, but not sacrificing anything for the sake of cheapness. This bed is especially great for back sleepers and heavier side sleepers.


  • It’s way firm. The Tuft & Needle is decidedly in the “firm” camp. That makes it a better and more supportive choice for back sleepers with scoliosis. It’s also great if you’re a heavier side sleeper and find that medium-firm mattresses can’t quite support the torso enough to prevent curvature and discomfort.

  • The combination foam does its job. Sort of like a bed from the future, this mattress has a combination of foams that give it the best aspects of latex, memory foam, and traditional PU foam material. The bottom 7” of this mattress is designed for support and structure, which will definitely keep your spine straight. The upper 3” are dedicated to comfort, a foam blend with gel elements that adapts like memory foam. That’s great if you’re looking for supporting the torso and lumbar but still need relief at those pressure points. We don’t know what is in this proprietary foam, but whatever Tuft & Needle are doing, they’re doing it right.

  • Extremely comfortable. All three major sleep positions said they found the Tuft & Needle extremely comfortable. Those are their words. Extremely. We found that quite a few reviewers with scoliosis reported near-instant relief on this bed, especially as their bodies got used to the feel of it. If you benefit from firmness and support, this is the bed for you.

  • CertiPur US certified AND OEKO-TEX adhesives. Unless you’re an adhesive expert (and if so, hit us up) you might not understand what these things mean. Suffice to say that we love the fact that they’ve achieved fireproofing code without using chemical flame retardants. Instead, there’s a fabric “fire sock” which wraps around the mattress to be both green AND protecting.

  • Coolest sleep of the bunch. This mattress definitely feels and stays the coolest of any of our recommendations. The comfort foam layer has gel and charcoal integrated into the material which helps dissipate heat and sweat odor.

  • 100-day guarantee. Tuft & Needle have a comfort guarantee policy that’s as much as three times the length of other mattress rials we typically see. There’s also a 10-year warranty.

  • Great customer service. Tuft & Needle consistently have outstanding ratings for customer service and satisfaction. In rare instances where customers had issues or decided that they didn’t find the mattress comfortable, they reported hassle-free returns, refunds, and replacements. It’s rare to find that in a company.


  • It could be… too firm? Enough people responded that this mattress was firm that Tuft & Needle have tweaked it to make sure it’s softer. We will say that most buyers enjoyed and appreciated the change -- especially side sleepers.

  • Some mattresses aren’t as good as others. A few people received mattresses that were either expanded incompletely, unevenly, or gave off a strong chemical odor. These cases were rare and Tuft & Needle were quick to offer replacements and refunds. In most cases, these reviewers went back and revised their reviews to award five stars after their mattresses were replaced. That’s a credit to the company and their customer service.


Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex

Eco Terra 11 Luxury Latex Mattress

This is the best bed for sleepers with scoliosis by a landslide. The Ecoterra is premium latex hybrid mattress with springs that strikes the ideal balance between cushion and support. We like how this bed combines motion-isolation with supportive springs and the buoyancy of latex. It’s ideal for all types of sleepers who demand comfort AND support.


  • The hybrid design. We’ll go in-depth in other bullet points, but suffice to say this is really amazing bed tech.

  • Latex foam is just so springy. The top is made of a generous layer of latex foam. It’s springy, responsive, and supports your torso to help prevent further curvature. It relieves pressure without collapse. We also like that latex retains its springiness and support longer than synthetic foams.

  • Support from the coils. The bulk of this mattress is a network of independently wrapped coil springs. They’re made from steel, which is obviously quite supportive. Since they’re independent, they actually adapt to different curves in your frame and provide custom support. They aren’t linked together, so you’ll never sag in the middle like with older spring mattresses.

  • That support lasts to the edges of the bed. We love that EcoTerra solved the problem of side-softness with beds by using higher-gauge springs on the edge of the bed for a larger sleep surface. It also makes it so much easier to get up and out of bed in the morning.

  • An adaptive mattress that doesn’t sink. Reviewers loved that this bed didn’t have the squishy feeling of other memory foam mattresses. They appreciated finding a bed that felt like a solid latex model but didn’t come with the multi-thousand dollar price tag. Buyers said that they felt firmly supported in every position but still felt like it adapted to their body in a reassuring “hug”. That’s the perfect feel for anyone with a back problem.

  • Good for you AND the environment. It’s environmentally friendly and healthy for your lungs. Many other synthetic mattresses use off-gas chemical fumes, but natural latex only has a faint non-chemical scent that fades quickly. The fabric lining is made from certified organic cotton and the latex comes entirely from plants.

  • Totally US-made. The EcoTerra is made domestically, it’s covered by a 10-year warranty and a 30-day return window

  • It’s so, so durable. Latex and coil-wrapped springs are extremely durable materials, much more so than memory foam or synthetic materials. The manufacturer estimates that this mattress will stay comfortable and firm up to 25% longer than foam mattresses. Judging from our experience and customer reviews, this feels absolutely right.


  • You’re paying for quality. Yes, it’s expensive. This mattress costs close to $1000. While it does provide a premium level of comfort and support, it’s still much cheaper than most big box store beds -- it’s just not a small purchase.

Not as firm as Tuft & Needle. File this under pro OR con, depending on your sleep style. The EcoTerra is more accommodating of side sleepers than the Tuft & Needle, but both types of sleeper have high reviews on each mattress. We think the EcoTerra is plenty firm, but if you’re all about that support life you may want to stick with Tuft & Needle.

How to Shop for the Best Mattress When You’re Sleeping With Scoliosis

Look for a firm or medium firm mattress.

Regardless of your sleeping position, if you have spinal curvature from scoliosis, you’ll want a firmer mattress. You need the structure and support to keep gravity from exacerbating your curvature. It’s important to keep your torso and lower back aligned. The idea is to make a slight correction to the curvature without trying to curve the spine back in the other direction. It’s about encouraging your spine.

Slide Sleepers should go a bit less firm.

While firmness is important, if you sleep on your side you may want to lighten up a little. While that firmness is helpful to the curved section of your spine, it won’t provide pressure relief that side sleepers need for their shoulders and hips. We suggest medium-firm in these cases. The prevailing advice at the moment is that side sleepers with scoliosis should sleep on the side with the higher curvature, known as the “convex” side.

Extra pillows are your friend… usually.

Depending on your treatment, your doctor may recommend using supplementary pillows to tweak your sleep position and make further spinal corrections. Don’t use extra pillows to correct your spine on your own, but if you’ve discussed this with your doctor or physical therapist it might be a good idea to do so.

Don’t skimp on your other comfort needs.

These line up with other mattress buyers, but don’t forget that you want a long satisfaction guarantee period or extended warranty coverage to make sure that you have enough time to decide if you love your bed. CertiPur US certified foam materials are great. Oh, and remember that comfort is about your own taste.

Even More LInks

Hopefully, your search for a new mattress ends here. If you’re feeling like one of our recommendations is right for you, then feel free to click through to Amazon and learn more. You can also head to our home page and see more in-depth reviews, compare options, or look at other specialty beds. We have an entire page dedicated to the best latex mattresses -- this is a popular option if you struggle with scoliosis.

Conclusion (Too Long/Didn’t Read)

The Resort Sleep is our budget option for most sleepers. It’s firm enough to keep back sleepers happy, but there’s a decent amount of comfort foam to relieve pressure points on side sleepers. The downside is that it doesn’t have the longevity or quality control of the other options. It’s also a bit less firm than our other recommendations.

The Tuft & Needle is the firmest mattress of the lot. If that’s your main criteria, then this is the bed for you. It’s also a great midrange choice for people who want support but can’t afford the premium price tag of the EcoTerra. That being said, it may be too firm for some side sleepers and doesn’t have the quality materials of the EcoTerra.

The EcoTerra is unquestionably the best mattress on the market for scoliosis. The latex material used in this bed is what medical professionals suggest for support, and the combo of latex and springs makes it extremely durable. It’s a good middle point in terms of the cushion factor. It’s also much more environmentally-friendly and odor-free than other mattresses on the market. It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. If you can afford it, we find it to be the best no matter what your sleep style is.


Resort Sleep Queen

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Tuft & Needle

Tuft and Needle Mattress


Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex

Eco Terra 11 Luxury Latex Mattress

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